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Our Services

Broken Glasses?
Torn Contacts?
No Problem.

Life happens, and sometimes your eyes take the brunt of it.

Our team is incredibly experienced handling all kinds of mishaps.
​Just bring in your glasses or contacts and we'll find a solution. 

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Exceptional Detail.

Our microscopes have stellar optics that allow us to assess your eyes in insane detail. If something is there, we'll see it.


In fact, we can even see beneath the surface of the eye with our infrared lighting system to get to the true causes of those pesky symptoms. 


Unsurpassed Color and Clarity

We utilize imaging technology that allows us to focus on what matters most:

Your eye health


High-Speed Imaging

We've implemented Optical Coherence Tomography in our practice, a revolutionary imaging technology that takes over 80,000 scans per second. This allows us to diagnose and treat ocular disease from its inception - and it's 100% non-invasive.

That is micron-level accuracy imaging from the front to the very back of your eye at the push of a button.

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Have dry eyes?
Not for much longer.
Ask us how with our new technology.

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